Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spotlight Tattoo

Spent Saturday w/ my friend, Jordy, hangin' at Bob and Charlie Roberts Spotlight Tattoo in LA...Big Jordy had an appt w/ Charlie to get a lil work done and whilst hangin' out, I managed to snag a cool piece of script from NORM, as well...Inbetween Jordy and I's yelps for help, cuz we're such pussies when it comes to tattoos, I got to chat up Baby Ray...We got into chicks and whips and how they can either be the worst or the shit...This dude Rays been around the block and knows what makes a rod cool...Bags, check. Too much motor, check...Any color paint as long as its black primer, check!

So anyway, thanks Spotlight for helpin' to make an ugly man a lil' more beautiful and thanks Baby Ray for the stories, man...I'll be back for that leg piece real soon, man...

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