Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ad van tage ous

My neighbor, Jordy, used to be pretty into the 'Go Fast' and when I first moved into the neighborhood, he used to have this here van...Thing was fugly as all hell but in a good way...Peekin' through his fence, I saw the checkered tile floor and see-through acrylic dog house coverin' the blown up motor...Moon 'caps, ample bondo and moulding, topped w/ some far out pinstriping made this van something to drool over...One day I came home and the van was gone! Come to find out, Jordy was outta Go Fast and the van helped him get back nostrils deep into some more...The moral of the story?? Dont do drugs if you wanna hold on to all your all shit...The '56 Panhead bought recently was my win, some poor sap's loss because of the Go Fast, too!
Stay in school, call your Mom and tell her you love her and PULL OUT! Thats all the advice I got today, kids...

Looks like the new owners got some sort of surf company/team thing going...Hells bells, Huck

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