Friday, January 8, 2010

I dont work on January the 8th, cuz' thats Elvis' birthday

I actually stole the above line from one of the best movies ever, D.C. Cab! Rent it today, better yet buy that fucker! Its got Gary Busey AND Mr. T in it...If that aint a recipe for a great flick to spoon to, I dont what it...But, I digress...

Today is the Kings birthday...And whether u like him or not, you gotta admit 2 things: One, he opened the door to datin' underage girls and for that, I'm eternally grateful and Two, the dude was all about the two wheeled freedom machines coming outta Milwaukee...Whether it be K model, Pan or a cheesy bagger Shovel, Elvis knew HD's got girls cooters moist!

What Elvis didnt know was too many pills and peanut butter n banana sandwiches will eventually kill you...And die'n on the toilet dont make for the best obituary...One more tasty tidbit for ya...If u rearrange the letters in Elvis, its spells LIVES...Go ahead and marinate on that for a minute, man...Heavy

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