Friday, January 8, 2010

Joto Bravo

So one day, some ol' Mexican cat calls me up lookin' for a juice brake n I tell em to roll by a bank I'm buildin' in Dago to come check the part...Dude shows up in a slammed S-10 n proceeds to beat me up over the price of the brake, tell'n me it aint shiny enough for 'em...Fuckin' dude LOVES shiny! Anywho, cat ends up bein' an alright dude, a friend of Bill W's n the whole nine...This dude is Ruben...Love him or hate him, u always know where u stand with the man...Alot of times, I aint tryin' to hear all he's tellin' me but usually its just the truth he's tryin to beat into my bald head...And for that, I'm grateful...Dude can wrench a lil, too>>The pic above is of a bike he built for a customer in Canada...And this ol' cat picks up Pans like bums pick up cans! If ur lookin' for one, get at him here:

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