Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lil Wayne, Ruler in Training

Awhile ago, someone gave me a 750 Honda chop,  complete w/ an original Denvers springer front end...I kept the fork and passed the bike off to Lil Wayne Ballard for his first build...Kids done alot of work already and well on his way to ruling the world...Kid has like 18 blogs or something that average a kazillion hits a day...Heres one he start to document the build of the 750 chop:

The reason I gave the bike to Wayne, besides the fact that his Mom is the bestest publicist in the whole wide world, is because they dont really sell for too much...And according to Waynes Pops, the infamous Big Duane Ballard, Hondas are supposed to be cheap because they are a gift from God and Lil' Baby Jesus...Seriously folks, thats what he told me

1 comment:

  1. Don't be fooled... Big D doesn't believe in the baby Jesus... unless you're talking about the one crying in the grocery checkout line...