Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Somethin' from my Uncle, Rockin' Joe

Uncle Joe and a friend have got together to offer ya somethin' thats gonna be cool for years to come...Heres what Joe has to say about the boards he's offerin':
Heart and Soul Model
Here is a couple pictures of a new board I designed, shaped by Steve Irvin, the idea came from the early '60's but way more tuned and not so heavy. We put a lot of thought into this design. We took an early "60's outline tuned and dialed in 50/50 rails, pinched hard in the tail, added a wood fin for that classic look. 10' x 221/2 x 33/8 thick. Tuned up the rocker nice and even not too flat not too kicked.
Glassed the board not too heavy but with Volan top and bottom and a knee patch on the deck. I'm showing this board around to all the shops and taking orders. I'm not selling this one right now, Im using it as the demo model. Steve will be making more like this w/different style hot rod pin lines and colors. I want to ride this so bad, but I need to get some orders first. Its a gorgeous board. The price on these will $850.00 Let me know what you think.

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