Monday, December 12, 2011

Ventura Mann, man...

I learned this technique in photography class...OK, my shutters just dirty and sticks sometimes...

This bike was clean but tuff with sum uber-slick narrow'd 3.5's

If this is yer mom/sis/gf or wife, I apologize...But man does she have a bright future behind her

Squariel, POPS

Big Scott, holdin' class on alternator motor charging systems...Respect, son!

Lil Scott, breakin' outta the single fins and safety pins and into stuff thats reel fun, son

Extend it to win it

Pick yer poison

Rene comes correct, AGAIN, with that super-sano East Los style...Oft slept-on heavy hitter in the game, son. Respect

Whatta I gotta say? HD used to roll 'em off the assembly cool as hell, man...What happened??!!

Wined and dined Jimmy the Saint at the Busy Bee Cafe, stuft pork chops aint no joke there son! Spent a bromantic eve at the Viking Inn, awoke early to Fivebucks and extended springers, shared a spot with the cZ and tried my best to eat Scotty outta house and home, bro'd down with bro's I actually like bro'ing down with. U kno who you are.
Thanks man,

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