Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jus' another manic Monday...

Man, monday after Ventura was all busy n junk. Took Polgreen to LAX, true ruler that he is. Good times, Dave!@ Followed that up with truckin' ol Two Buck Nick and Mikey Ratt and his scoot down to Dago on account it was rain'n and we dont ride in the rain in Slo Cal...In fact, most of us dont ride at all around here, we jus' blog about it...Myself included.  Lest I digress, dont really know Mikey but I do know he's genuine and knows where the burrito spots in Dago are...Dont really need to know much else.

Good bro'n down with you, Mike.  Sorry to make ya sit indian style in the back for an hour n a half

Two Buck, dont think I forgot about the greek-goddess waitress incident


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