Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoedown, take Dos

I spotted this blond takin' pics of me and so I started takin' pics of her...How u like them apples, son? Norms chargin' system went down on the way home so we threw the Ironhead in the van...Ok, we fuckin' huffed and puffed and drug the Ironhead into the van...Fuckin' things are not light...But alas, thats what vans are for....
I'm in Seattle building things, Haters at the helm, I hope he starts posting naked chick pics soon cuz this blog is starting to suck!
PS: Who's Hater u might be askin' yerself? He's a dude I never see, rarely speak to on the phone, is afraid to have me over to his house but we text each other all day everyday. He's usually a hater but sometimes he's really bro-mantic and thats why we'll always be boyz...Kinda like my BFF, LOL LMAO OMF ROFL

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