Monday, April 4, 2011

Duane Ballard...

...knows his way around some cowhide. He made the pan and stitched up over 1 yard of leather to make me this seat u see here.  Being that this is the baddest bike in 5 counties, no over the counter Le Pera BS was gonna find its way onto my scoot.  If u want THE BEST leather in the industry, BAR NONE, get at Duane here and tell 'em Otto sent ya...I promise you wont be bummmed!

PS: Peep my double-wide in the background, son! Thats real player shit


  1. you got daytons on the doublewide ????
    good to see ya at the rooster take care

  2. ya, georgie, they're 17's but i keeps em clean...real good seein' ya'll as well. thanks fer lettin' us flat billers congregate at yer curb