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Shovelhead for Sale

My buddy Jeremy is lookin' to get rid of his Shovel and maybe get himself a Dyna so help a brother out and buy his old bike so he can make room for that new one! Here's what he's selling:
It's a 1980 AMF Shovelhead. Kick only, 4 speed, 80 inch motor, .10 over. Has some cool shit..bates seat (no sticker), bates p-pad (stamped "bates"), twisted z bars from Craig at Front Street (his 1st set - and I think his last set), cool AMF Sporty tank, AMF #1 points cover. New Rivera/Primo open belt drive and Pro Clutch. Trent did the top end. New Dyna S Single Fire ignition, 21" front, but I have the 16".
Tell him u seen it on the Blotto blog so I can collect on the taco's.  Get at him here:

Parts for Sale

AMF Split Bobs and Z-Bars...good stuff, kids

Friends from across the way...

Benny the Boneshaker from Englands latest and Chris from DK Motorrads from Italy's Shovel...Tasty scoots, both of  'em!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Wisdom

"If men could fuck women in a cardboard box, they wouldn't buy a house." — Dave Chappelle.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Local Knuck...

...sometimes the best stuff's in yer own backyard...Elsinore Knuck, '47 in vintage if I'm not mistaken

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Early Knucklehead Springer/21" Star Hub Wheel/Risers and Bars for Sale

Knuck Springer with brazed front legs, rebuilt 21" wheel and hub w/ good rubber, accessory Harley Glide risers with the hard to find bridge, custom set of drag bars with Harley grips and internals.  Also comes with aftermarket headlight and OEM headlight bracket AND OEM ride control AND a Springer brake, too!  Fork is straight and free of repairs. It'd take ya alot of scratch and time to piece this together.  Good, QUALITY parts that you wont find at your local HD boutique, you wont be bummed!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wizard Lid and Titty Tattoo

Both courtesy of Big Ben Corn in Big Bear...Hooked a brother up today, thanks!
Some of the finest black and gray tattoo work comes from this man's hand, reach him here for an appointment:

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Tuesdays Treat

All women are good - good for nothing, or good for something. -- Miguel De Cervantes

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