Monday, November 14, 2011

Sundays sunny swap meet scenes...

Brake out, son


Finch Springer


Jeff and Ryan settlin' shit the ol' fashioned way...coin toss, son
Jeff won

Caleb likes to fish. Calebs panhead dont suck

I heart old tools


Cut it out, son!

Quiet but fun day at the swap. Diggin' the shorter drive from the new pad. Picked up Leighton on the way there. Choke Hold Levold rolled us in the gate. cZ minus Turk in effect. Slick Nick and Ghey Jay, too. Matt's '82 Sturgis broke my heart so much I forgetted to take a picture. Rosemary salami pesto sammies still rule. So does leftover Halloween candy.  And it was hot! I'm blessed.
Thanks, man ^^^^^

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