Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blotto hats for Sale

Start your kit off right with a Blotto cap, son. Emblazoned with the Blotto mantra of 'Top of the bottom shelf', these made in the USA mother-trucker hats are perfect for coverin' up that cul de sac ya got going on up on yer dome or just something to look cool hangin' off yer belt loop whilst puttin' yer Pan-Shovel shomper-blobber down PCH jammin' the latest new-band-that-sounds-old on yer iPizzle, my nizzle!
$15/shipped lower 48; $20 anywhere else in the world
***Sweet beard and Buddy Holly spectacles sold separately***
Thick Nick of Thee Cormans not only is our under-paid male model but he also designed and printed 'em, too! Dudes a solid in a world of slippery salamanders and a good friend to boot. Get at him here:

PS: Choppers are ghey, buy my Duc


  1. Nice I'll have to pick one up...my Hacienda Supermarket hat is the ladies' favorite though.

  2. why didn't you tell me my beard was in shambles? The hats were designed and printed in the USA. The hats were made in China by small children held at gunpoint.