Monday, September 26, 2011

My weekend...

Play dead

I hate this bike...I heart this bike

Suck a Duc punk



Ruling Ruler who Rules

Easy on the rake, heavy on the flake son

Bright future behind her

Self-confidence will always be sexy

Turkey, the other other white meat

Dude, Dons Motel shares the parking lot with the uber-hip, pocket-book friendly Sushi Studio. Both classy joints

Easy-skankn'...I got this this issue and I reference the Ol' lady article frequently...

Everyone knows Lil' Scott aka Turtle has hella bucks...

Chases' Playboy is even sexier in person but  Thick Nick is sexiest via late night sexting, son

Dude, honestly El Co sucked air, Longo wasnt much better, the weather was perfect all weekend tho. Bro's and brauts never get old, if u didnt back into any Knuckleheads you were havin' a good day, Johnny Cocaine is serious about billet, Jays ghey and it never fails, Jimmy the Saint always forgets something.  Dudes gettin' old, man.
Stay loose, haoule

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