Sunday, May 8, 2011

EDR 2011 Pics...

You cant buy style, the guy in the first pic already figured this out...Me n Lucky set out a day late, caught up quick and proceed to log some Mexico miles...Heres a summary: PeMex, tacos, heat, super cool Federales, miles of dirt road, Chencho, beach time, more tacos, 36 dollar hotel rooms worth their weight in gold, Iguana's, sandman, more heat, cool peaks, sketchy gravel road Lucky dont remember, downhill thru the junkyards, ocean breezes, big pink hotel, one afternoon and one night in Paris, McGoo went swimmin', Italian on Moeller, mimi's, Puerto Neuevo lobster for breakfast, 650 miles and no mishaps in Mexico, get home to Temecula and get hit by a car, on the hunt for a red VW bug missing a mirror, see you in heck mofo!
PS: Thanks McGoo, Bill and Mike...EDR is to be experienced, not talked about on sum uber-ghey blog thingy...JSS


  1. first dude is KILLING IT!!!!
    so badass.

  2. Looks like I missed out...

  3. Fack yeah, I wanna go back...

  4. totally agreed good seein ya out there man

  5. agreed on the goin back thing. been back a week an i still aint right. great pics!!