Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool gift from the boys @ Biltwell...

Finished up the build-out at the new Biltwell building a few weeks ago and soon after, Bill and the boys styled me out with one of their lids painted by Backstreet Buckets.  All of the aforementioned gent's are stand up dudes and Mike D. Ellis would like nothing more for u to personally pay him a visit at the new H.Q.  So Google him up and tell him Otto von Blotto said hey!


  1. So, wait, let me get this straight. The Biltwell Mike D likes people to just drop by and visit? Just to BS or does he like window shoppers? I have a large head, so I'd probably like to try on a bunch of helmets, maybe look at different colors and stuff. Good to know they have a show room over there. So geeked! Google maps here I come!

  2. Mike Ellis aka El Lonely Boy....